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Posted by egovindia on August 7, 2006

This email from VASU of BARAHA shows the ADMISSION and ACKNOWLEDGEMENT and GUILT.

” I honestly admit that I have used the glyphs from one of the Akruti fonts in Baraha 1.0, and I was not very serious to mention about it.” Sheshadri Vasu.

AKRUTI fonts developed by Mr. S. K. Anand.

MR. S. K Anand is also making a CHARGE on KGP and it’s Executives for using his AKRUTI FONTS to develop KALITHA/NUDI Kannada Software and selling it GoK.
Mr. S. K. Anand’s email to V.M.Kumaraswamy and
Mr. Sheshadri Vasu’s email to Mr. S. K. Anand

Forwarded Message:
Subj: Fw: From Sheshadrivasu Chandrasekharan
Date: 6/28/2004 11:01:59 AM Pacific Daylight Time
From: anand@cyberscapeindia.com
To: novamed@aol.com
Sent from the Internet (Details)

Shri Kumarswamy,


I think largely due to your relentless efforts to ferret out the truth behind the sad state of affairs in the area of Kannada software and the domination of false icons of the so called free software like KGP Nudi and Sheshadrivasu’s Baraha, a lot of bitter truth and hidden information is coming out from various quarters, which is exposing the nasty skullduggery by which these false icons have sucked on the blood of the real workers in the Kannada software arena who have never claimed that they and they alone have done a great service to Kannada, but have been contributing silently in the background.

I am forwarding here, an admission by one such icon, the Guru of free Kannada software, who, perhaps due to the fear of getting exposed by these revelations, very belatedly realised the need for acknowledging the unabashed piracy. More than six years after his misdeed, he meekly apologises for having pirated our “Akruti” fonts. This is a charge we have also made on KGP. How many more years, do we have to wait for them to come clean?

Anyway, I hope you keep churning the murky waters of the Kannada software world for more such nuggets. I sincerely hope at the end of this great “Samudra Manthan”, finally some true gems emerge and adorn our beloved “Kannada Maate” who must be hanging her head in eternal shame at the present state of affairs. All the behind the scene workers like us should be thankful for your fearless crusade against all the wrong doers.

Hoping for a positive outcome for the sake of Kannada,

Anand S.K.
Managing Director
Cyberscape Multimedia Ltd.

Mr. Sheshadri Vasu’s email to Mr. S. K. Anand

—– Original Message —–
From: Sheshadrivasu Chandrasekharan <baraha@hotmail.com>
To: <anand@cyberscapeindia.com>
Sent: Tuesday, June 22, 2004 10:18 PM
Subject: From Sheshadrivasu Chandrasekharan

> Dear Mr. S.K. Anand,
> I recently saw a remark from you in one of the postings in an Internet
> newsgroup which goes as follows…
> “We who have been developing such fonts (AKRUTI) well over two decades would
> not like a repeat of the experience, we had when our fonts were pirated off
> the Web and used without acknowledgement, first by an individual who went on
> to release a free software…”
> I thought you may be referring to Baraha software in the above remark, and
> hence is this email.
> When I started developing a Kannada software, I had no knowledge of fonts at
> all. I experimented a lot with various Kannada fonts available in the
> Internet, including Akruti. This research helped me to understand the
> technology behind the Kannada fonts and I learnt a lot from these software.
> Initially, I wanted Baraha compatible with other Kannada fonts. But due to
> various limitations of such fonts, I had to come up with my own encoding.

I honestly admit that I have used the glyphs from one of the Akruti fonts in Baraha 1.0, and I was not very serious to mention about it.
When I released Baraha 1.0, I didn’t know it will become popular and used by many people. It was only an experiment which I wanted to share with my family and friends.

> But later, when Baraha became popular, for copyright reasons, I had to add
> my own fonts for Kannada and other languages. I have created many new font
> styles, which don’t exist in any other Kannada software. My intention was to
> provide the facility for basic documentation needs of Kannada. It was not my
> intention to copy or re-create various Kannada font styles that are
> available in other packages. Instead I have focussed more on portability of
> Kannada text from Baraha to other software such as Akruti, ShreeLipi, e.t.c.
> Through this mail I would like to express my grattitude to various other
> Kannada software for helping me to acquire the knowledge.

My acknowldgements to Akruti software for providing the glyphs which were used in the intial releases of Baraha.

I apologise for this delayed acknowledgement.

> Regards
> Vasu
> ***********************************************************
> Free Kannada/Devanagari software – http://www.baraha.com
> ***********************************************************


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