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WHAT EKAVI had done in June 2004 on KANNADA and RCILTS KANNADA @ IISc

Posted by egovindia on August 18, 2009

WHAT EKAVI had done in June 2004 on KANNADA and RCILTS KANNADA @ IISc

Resource Center for Kannada. Language Technology Solutions – RCILTS @ IISc

Request to Department of Mgmnt Studies at IISc WITH reference to RCILTS KANNADA / WHY NO REPLY ? WHAT ARE YOU AFFRAID off !!!

Date: Sun, 17 Apr 2005 15:17:29 -0700 (PDT)
From: Venkat Kumaraswamy
Subject: Request to Department of Mgmnt Studies at IISc
To: njrao@mgmt.iisc.ernet.in, chairman@mgmt.iisc.ernet.in,
CC: kba@mgmt.iisc.ernet.in, sri@mgmt.iisc.ernet.in, bala@mgmt.iisc.ernet.in,
cm@mgmt.iisc.ernet.in, mmathew@mgmt.iisc.ernet.in,
raghavan@mgmt.iisc.ernet.in, yad@mgmt.iisc.ernet.in,
nsanu@mgmt.iisc.ernet.in, msdmathi@mgmt.iisc.ernet.in,
patilb@mgmt.iisc.ernet.in, anjula@mgmt.iisc.ernet.in,
parthar@mgmt.iisc.ernet.in, arasan@bgl.vsnl.net.in,
ptejasvi@sancharnet.in, Venkat Kumaraswamy ,
V M Kumaraswamy novamed@aol.com

Prof. N J Rao
Department of Management Studies, IISc.
Dear Dr. N. J. Rao,

How are You ? I had previously written to several times without any reply from you. Is that the way to keep ACCOUNTABILITY, RESPONSIBILITY and TRANSPARENCY, when you were given FUNDS (1.3 Crores) from TDIL for RCILTS program at IISc for KANNADA development?. I had called several times to you and left messages without any reply from your side.

I had even talked to Dr. Naramadambha who has worked for you. She has written several emails to me about RCILTS and KANNADA. If you want copies of thes emails, I can send it you. Just for the sake of others in this email, I will copy few emails written by Dr. Narmadambha. Your Department at IISc was given the responsibility of RCILTS.

The entire department should not take the responsibility here to answer for few people working directly for RCILTS. IISc is in Banaglore where we come form, we do not want IISc. to get bad reputation.

Sir, we expect lot of things from people like you who occupies these kind of positions. We except responses from people like you. If you do like this, WHAT WOULD YOU EXPECT FROM YOUR OTHERS WORKING FOR YOU and OTHERS?

I am only copying this to few professors of IISc. just to make sure we get some replies from responsible persons like you. Our TAXPAYERS MONEY is involved here. Our KANNADA LANGUAGE is involved here. We expect answers for our questions. If you can,t answer please say so. Then we will go to higher authorities to get answer for the problems of KANNADA Langauge it is facing now.


In a message dated 6/13/2004 11:04:11 PM Pacific Daylight Time, narmada@mgmt.iisc.ernet.in writes:

Dear Kumaraswamy,

Thank you for the mail. And happy to see your KALAJI towards Kannada.

You have given me the members who were present in the meeting which was held in Mysore. Please let me know the agenda, purpose of the meeting and other thins.

Ours that is IISc is the Resource Center for Kannada. Language Technology Solutions are being developed here and we are seeking the participation of all Kannadigas who are working for Kannada.

Even Prof. Lingadevaru halemane, Dr. Sharada, Dr. Mallikarjuna knows that ours is the resource center for Kannada. We have not been informed about anything which is happening for Kannada.Actually we have participated in Word Net workshop for Kannada. Already we have developed a software also for wordnet in Kannada.

There should not be any communication gap. As all are working towards the progress of Kannada what I wish is there should be Coordination, cooperation among all Kannadigas. I amhappy to note that a Kannadiga Kumaraswamy, an Engineer is very much interested than any othr Kannada professional IN AMERICA. My son, Dr. Chethan he speaks Kannada only eventhough our mother tongue is Telugu. He insists his wife Dr. Rashmi also to speak Kannada with him. This is only BARISU KANNADDA DINDIMAVA.

You have interested to know what we have done in IISC for Kannada.Following are the things done In IISc,

we have created a website Kannudi another website LTIISc.org to give all developed Kannada softwares for Kannadigas

We have developed Brahmi, amultilingual editor in unicoe.

We have developed Sampige Mallige and Kedage fonts in Unicode

A spell checker for Kannada id developed

5 lakh word of Lexicon are developed

5 lakh word Kannada Corpus apart from CIIL is developed

OCR for Kannada is developed

Text to speech for Kannada is developed

5 multimedia CDs are developed to teach Kannada for 7th, 8th and 10th Standards which is appreciated by the President of India Dr. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam

Morphological analyzer for Kannad is being developed.

Morphological generator for Kannada is under development.

We have a separate account opened KAnanudi for the development of such Multimedia CDs. Our plans are to extend these CDs to develop for all other subjects in Kannada Medium and make the learning funful, joyful and interesting. Anybody can sponsor any CD.I thihk you are aware how clean IISc is regarding any matter.

We had identified one company to cell the CDs. It did not worout properly. Our intention is to take the CD to the end user. We had collected only 10Rs per Cd from that company as the royalty. Now we are thinking of an alternative to see that the CDs will reach the end user. We are not bothered about any profit, If Kannada students and teachers are really make use of these CDs, that is the only profit we expect and that is how we are trying to Localiza IT for Kannada also.

We have developed Sanksipta Kannada Nighantu of Kannada Sahitya Parishat in Unicode and we have developed Lexicon on the same.

We have taken permission from KASAPA to put Pampabhatratham, Vaddaradhane, Panchatantraand Karnataka Kadambari. As they had given permission to put these classics on the website, we have spent about 45000 on each book to bringout the electronic version of that. As the books now are in electronic form, we did the CDs of all these and gave KASAPA . The copyrights still stay with KASAPA. As KASAPA is the representative organization of all six crore Kannadogas and the president of KASAPA is also willing to share a few things with IISc, we are happy to work together.

We have conducted the workshops as follows:

Workshop to find roadmap for website with all Kannada professionals, Kannada software developers, Media people etc.

Workshop on Epigraphs

Workshop on 7th standard Kannada Text

Workshop on 8th standard Kannada Text

Workshop on 10th standard Kannada Text

Workshop on 10th standard Mathematics Text

Workshop on logic

Workshop on Indian Aesthetics

Workshop on what Software is to be developed for Kannada

In kannudi, there is a menu Personalities. We have collected 400 artcles on that from Kannada M.A students of Bangalore University. This is the first time the students were involved in a project like this and were paid Rs 50 per page in the history of Bangalore University.

Now we are collaborating with one of the Universities of America to develop Intellegent fonts also.

My total work is towards development of IT tools for Kannada. My background is

I have B.Sc, M.A(kannada), Ph.D(kannada), Hindi Rathna(Adegree), Vidvat(veena), Vidvat(Vocal), Now I am a computational Linguist workin in the area of NLP with a Good knowledge of Sanskrit, Telugu, Tamil with 12 years of teaching experience.

If you find I am helpful to you in any good works related woth Kannada please inform me I will be very Happy to work.

My husband is a general Manager for Quality for four companies ie Global Cacium India LTD, Calcitek, Beblek and the other one

As my first son and daughterinlaw are doctors are persuing studies in US and my second son has B.E in computer science to a little extent I am free to work for Kannada.

Thanking you,

With Regards,



Dr. Naramadhamabha has written so much has been completed for KANNADA Language like OCR, SPELL CHECKER, TeXT to Speech, Developed SAMPIGE, KEDAGE and MALLIGE FONTS for UNICODE and so many other things. WHERE ARE ALL THOSE THINGS USED NOW IN KARNATAKA STATE ? Can you write to us please.

This letter is in particular about KEDAGE and MALLIGE Fonts, which was developed by RCILTS at IISc. This is according to your employee Dr. Narmadamabha.

We would like know from you is did RCILTS at IISc developed ORIGINAL KEDAGE and MALLIGE OPENSOURCE TRUETYPE FONTS (OTF’s) ie for UNICODE ? IF yes, RCILTS must have all original drawings for these fonts in RCLITS office at IISc. We just want an yes or no answer from you.

Make sure it was not copied from other fonts ! Before you write YES or NO ! This is important for us.

Some people are questioning this now !!! Please get to know the correct information from people who developed these KEDAGE and MALLIGE FONTS for RCILTS /IISc.

Right now these are the important questions we have now on our KANNADA Language. I ahd asked you and Dr. Narmadambaha for more information, we do not have that information yet. It almost coming to an year now SIR. It does not take one year to respond !!! to an email letter.



Venkatappa Kumaraswamy, MBA
In BUSINESS since 1971.

Initiator of eGovINDIA group for TRUE eGovernance in INDIA and Moderator.
www.indiaegov.org (new not yet hosted, IT WILL BE HOSTED SHORTLY and interested people are working on this website and suggesting things for eGovINDIA group)
Global Platform for Kannadigas – website
Founder and Owner – 2556 members


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