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EKAVI and It’s Progress, WHAT IT HAS ACHEIVED IN SUCH A SHORT TIME on Kannada Software Development. “KSD”. Still going on even today.

Posted by egovindia on August 19, 2009

EKAVI and It’s Progress, WHAT IT HAS ACHEIVED IN SUCH A SHORT TIME on Kannada Software Development. “KSD”. Still going on even today.

What KANANDIGAS and GOK needs to know and read about Kannada Software Development.
May 25th 2004    Meeting on Kannada Software which was held at Central Institute of Indina Language, Mysore
1. Sri. Purnachandra Tejaswi – Famous writer, Mudigere
2. Prof. B.N. Sreeram – Publisher, Mysore
3. Dr. Pavanaja – CEO, Vishwa Kannada.com, Bangalore
4. Dr. Sreenatha Shastry – Karnataka Ganaka Parishat, Bangalore
5. Sri. Satyanarayana – Software Engineer, Bangalore
6. Shivakumar – Editor, Aparanji
7. Dr. Sharada – CIIL, Mysore
8. Dr. Panditharadhya – Karnataka Ganaka Parishat, Mysore
9. Sri. Lingadevaru Halemane – CIIL, Mysore, Convener of the meeting

In addition to the above participants, we had invited the following persons.

1. Sri. Rajaram – Nava Karnataka Publications, Bangalore
2. Sri. Gyanesh – Software Engineer, Bangalroe
3. Sri. Prasad – Software Engineer, Bangalore .
4. Dr. B. Mallikarjun – CIIL, Mysore
However, they did not attend the meeting owing to other engagements.
5/31/2004   KANNADA SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT – What is the future
KSD MysoreMeeting Summary by Founding Secretary, of KGP A. Sathyanarayana
6/4/2004 Tejasvi on Kannada Software Development, KGP, NUDI,
6/10/2004    A Sathyanaraya Founder Secretary of KGP reply to V.M. Kumaraswamy, KGP and KSD
6/12/2004     Akruti Fonts Pirated by INDIVIDUAL and CORPORATION,
6/16/2004     I feel sorry for KANNADA SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT.
6/22/2004   My further views in detail on the baraha and nudi, Founder Secretary of KGP
6/22/2004   Akruti Fonts and Cyberscape Multimedia Ltd., About cyberspace and KGP/Executives
June 26th 2004   Dr. Kamabra Letter to Hon. Minister M. P. Prakash, on Kannada Software Development
6/28/2004    Admission of GUILT By Sheshadri Vasu, BARAHA is pirated copy of AKRUTI Fonts
June 29th 2004  Dr. Kambara letter to Hon. CM Sri Dharam Singh, on Kannada Software Development in GOK
Jul 1 2004,  Nudi Software, Kannada Software Nudi
7/2/2004      third reply from my side to V.M.Kumaraswamy, KGP-NUDI-BARAHA and KSD in GOK
7/6/2004    Me, Kannada and IT – PART A by Dr. U. B. Pavanaja, Dr. U. B. Pavanaja on KGP, IT
7/9/2004     Me, Kannada, IT and KGP -PART B- By Dr. U. B. Pava, KGP PART B- By Dr. U.B.Pavanaja
July 16th 2004         Kannada Software Development “KSD” meeting at VIJAYANAGARA CLUB, BANGALORE.
July 16th 2004        Minutes of the meeting on Kannada Software Development “KSD”
Following members had attended the meeting.

1. Sri. Purnachandra Tejaswi – Famous writer, Mudigere
2. Dr Chandrshekhara Kambara -MLC and famous writer, Bangalore
3. Prof. G. Venkatasubbayya – Lexicographer and famous writer, Bangalore
4. Sri R. S. Rajaram, Proprietor, Navakarnataka Publications, Bangalore
5. Sri S. K. Anand, MD, Cyberscape, Bangalore
6. Dr. Pavanaja – CEO, Vishwa Kannada Softech, Bangalore
7. Sri. Gyanesh – Software Engineer, Bangalroe
8. Sri. Satyanarayana – Software Engineer, Bangalore
9. Sri K Krishna Kumar, Software Engineer, Bangalore
10. Dr. Lingadevaru Halemane – CIIL, Mysore, Convener of the meeting
11. Sri K.T. Satheesh Gowda – EKAVI, Bangalore Chapter and Software Engineer
12. Sri Somashekhar – Software Engineer, Bangalore

In addition to the above participants, we had invited the following persons.

1. Prof. B.N. Sreeram – Publisher, Mysore
2. Sri. Srinatha Shastry – Chief Secretary, Kannada Ganaka Parishat, Bangalore
3. Sri. G.N. Narasimha Murthy, Secretary, Kannada Ganaka Parishat, Bangalore
4. Dr. Panditharadhya – Kannada Ganaka Parishat, Mysore
5. Dr. B. Mallikarjun – CIIL, Mysore
6. Shivakumar – Editor, Aparanji
7. Dr. Sharada – CIIL, Mysore
However, they did not attend the meeting.

July 16th 2004    PRESS CONFERENCE at Bangalore Press Club.
July 16th, 2004 Press Report and Meeting Report delivered to GOK.
1. Shri. K P Poornachandra Tejaswi
2. Dr Chandrashekar Kambhar
3. Prof. G Ventakasubbaiah
4. Dr. Lingadevaru Halemane
and EKAVI Members. Satheesh Gowda, Anil M., Don Bangalore etc.
7/22/2004   KGP LIES to News Papers about NUDI and KSD, Letters to Editors of News Papers about
7/29/2004  Font issues -Akruti, Baraha and Nudi, by Dr. U B Pavanaja
July 30th, 2004           Press Conference Notice by EKAVI
July 31st 2004              Press Report by EKAVI, Bangalore Press Club
Press Conference attended by:
Shri Satheesh Gowda, E-KAVI spokesman:
Shri Muthukrishnan, CEO, SRG Pvt Ltd.:
Shri Anbarasan, CEO, Applesoft:
Shri Anand S.K., CEO Cyberscape Multimedia Ltd.
8/12/2004    CVSShastry of KGP on UNICODE in Vachakara Vani, A.Sathyanarayana Replies / Translations
December 23rd 2004          Kannada Software Development Meeting at University of Mysore.
Kuvempu Centre for Kannada Software & Tech in Mysore

1. Hon. Sri. Shashidhar Prasad    VC of University of Mysore
2. Hon. Sri. D. Javare Gowda       Former VC of University of Mysore
3. N D Tiwari                              Registrar, University of Mysore
4. Nagaraj                                  Registrar (Evaluation)
5. V. M. Kumaraswamy               EKAVI and NOVA Group
6. N. Anabarsan                          CEO, APPELSOFT
7. Sri Ram                                  Pubilsher Mysore
8. Lingadevaru Halemane              CIIL, Mysore,
and Press Persons from Mysore.
1st Mar 2005   Meeting with Hon. Minister Ramalinga Reddy, on Kannada Software Development
07-07-2005     KSD meeting at GOK IT Secretary Sri. Shankaralinge, Gowda’s Office
There are more issues with Microsoft siging and MOU with GOK. Will be posted here.
GOK issues with Mahithi Sindhu Project pertaining to Kannada Software. It will be posted here.
There are more articles, press releases and news paper reports. Will be added here.
More will be added to this on KSD. It is being gathered together from different places of EKAVI files.
Kumaraswamy V. M.
2008/1/26 ekavi kannada <ekavikannada@gmail.com>:
We are sorry to write this email to all of you. BUT it involves our Language not becoming ADALITHA BAHSHE of KARNATAKA STATE.

KANNADA FONTS PIRACY needs to be looked into. PLEASE take some time and look into this.

Govt. of KARNATAKA has been duped by Kannada Ganaka Parishat.”KGAPA/KGP”
KAGAPA has sold IPR Pirated NUDI Fonts to Govt. of Karnataka. About 29 Lakhs was approved for Kannada Software Development.
There is an GO on this. If any one wants this GO we will provide it for you.
KAGAPA was appointed as CERTIFYING AGENCY by GoK to look into FONTS from Different Developers.
KAGAPA does not have background in FONTS DEVELOPMENT.

KAGAPA had made KHALITHA Fonts to test other Developers Fonts. This KHALITHA Fonts was RENAMED it as NUDI FONTS and the sold it to GoK.

The Founder secretary of KAGAPA Mr. A. Sathyanarayana has written Ten pages on how KAGAPA did all these and sold it to GoK.
One of the URL is here. We hope you all can open and read it. It is in KANNADA.

Dr. U. B. Pavanaja who was part of KAGAPA when it was formed, has written about the relationship Between AKRUTHI Fonts, BARAHA Fonts and NUDI Fonts. It is in English. URL is provided here for all of you to read it.

We have an email letter dated in 2004 from Sheshadrivasu of BARAHA Fonts stating hwo he STOLE the IPR?GLYPHS from AKRUTHI Fonts. He has acknowledged this in  his letter. He also has stated that he did not have any knowledge of Fonts and  Developing of Fonts in his letter.  It is in English. Please open it and read.

Late  Sri. Tejasvi knew all these things. He and Dr. Kambar had press conferences and Meetings about Kannada Software Development in 2004, 2005, 2007 and things did not move forward BECAUSE some kannadigas started bringing CASTE ISSUE into the discussions of KANNADA BHASHE. Sri. Tejasvi has written letters to several News papers also. It is all recorded in 2004 and 2005.
nudidanthe nadeyadavaru – [OnduSonne-09-Oct-10-03.rtf]
This is the FIFTH ARTICLE written by Dr. U. B. Pavanaja which was not published by Vijayakarnataka
Dr.U. B. Pavanaja – Sri. Tejasvi – Dr. Chandrashekar Kambar
ಕನ್ನಡಕ್ಕೆ ಜಾತಿ ಇಲ್ಲ   ಕನ್ನಡವೇ ಜಾತಿ   ಕನ್ನಡವೇ ಧರ್ಮ
I think all of us should make a unified effort to bailout our language from this sad situation :: Poornachandra Tejasvi.
http://ellakavi.wordpress.com/2007/10/23/i-think-all-of-us-should-make-a-unified-effort-to-bailout-our-language-from-this-sad-situationpoornachandr a-tejasvi/
Kannada Fonts Piracy
Baraha Vasu Letter
Baraha-Nudi, KSD in KANNADA
We still have more information than this.


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