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Fate of KANNADA Software Developmet in Karnataka State.

Posted by egovindia on August 19, 2009

Fate of KANNADA Software Developmet in Karnataka State.

There were 25 Kannada Software Developers before BARAHA and NUDI Fonts came into existence.
Govt. of Karnataka was using Fonts and Word Processing from SRG Systems Ltd. Owned by Mr Muttukrishnan. This was happenning since 1987. Mr. Muttukrishnan has written a detailed letter about what happened to Mr. V. M. Kumaraswamy of EKAVI. Now he is not in business of developing KANNADA Software. KANNADA Fonts were in the market for a price. Fonts names were WINKEY and SHABHDARATNA.
Govt. Karntaka is using Fonts from APPLESOFT owned Mr. N. Anbarsan. SURABHI fontsis being used by some of the Departments in GoK. Still they are using. This is happenning since 1989. Mr. N. Anbarsan is a Language Specialist and has good Technical Knowledge about KANNADA Software Development. He is fighting with the GoK for unfair treatment done by GoK. Kannada Fonts are in market for a price. He is still selling. Mr. Anbarsan has written detailed letter to Mr. V. M. Kumaraswamy of EKAVI. Mr. Anbarsan knows all the details of KANNADA SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT in GoK. This person ahs been sidelined by GoK. GoK was listening to KGP/KGAPA.
Mr. S. K. Anand’s AKRUTHI Fonts is in use since 1980’s. These KANNADA Fonts were in market for a price. These Fonts are still market. Mr. S. K Anand also has written detailed letter in 2004 to Mr. V. M. Kumaraswamy of EKAVI.
Mr. A. Sathyanarayan, Founder Secretary of KGP/KAGAPAhas also written THREE email letters to Mr. V. M. Kumaraswamy of EKAVI.
Dr. U. B. Pavanaja, Kannada Language Expert and Founder Member of KGP/KAGAPAhas also written five email letters related to BARAHA, NUDI, AKRUTHI, KGP and Kannada Software Developments to Mr. V. M. Kumaraswamy of EKAVI
All the letters written by these KANNADA SOFTWARE DEVELOPERS are in   http://ellakavi.wordpress.com   and www.ekavi.org and https://ekavi.wordpress.com
23 Kannada Software Developers and font producers went out of business due BARAHA and NUDI and GoK’s Kannada Standards which were introduced in year 2000 with input from KGP/KAGAPA.
Sheshadri Vasu of BARAHA, Srinatha Shastry, Dr. Panditharadhya and Narasimhamurthy of KGP/KGAPA without any knowledge of KANNADA SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT and KANNADA FONTS enters through backdoor approach.
Backdoor approach means STEALING IPR/GLYPHS of another Fonts. That is Sheshadri Vasu STEALS IPR/GLYPHS of AKRUTHI FONTS without telling the owner of AKRUTHI and copies into BARAHA 1.0 releases his fonts to public. No one knew about this till 06-28-2004. Email of Sheshadri Vasu is self explanatory.


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