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Postmortem of a discussion by Sada Shiva on KANNADA Software Development

Posted by egovindia on August 19, 2009

Postmortem of a discussion by Sada Shiva on KANNADA Software Development

From: “Sada Shiva” 
Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2006 08:57:56 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Postmortem of a discussion
So much discussion and for what avail? Did it prove anything, or did it not prove anything? What was the need for this unnecessary squabble? This seems like a hosted drama that some who hosted will be laughing at what we are doing here in this forum. Let us see where we started. Well we started to discuss about why the Kannada software development should be with the Kannadigas rather than with a big corporation. I guess I gave some reasons as far as I could understand. There were no replies for that (what a sad thing!). Then someone came and posted a conversion issue, then came the plethora of mindless mails. Some collected so much info about where all the conversion are going on, but never gave a simple reason why that may be happening (though he told us that money is enticing poor and backward people, why did these backward people exist at all!). They keep saying to us that someone remotely is monitoring all this exercise and supplying money or some FATHER is making this as a business. Well, guys if you could get all this, why did not you get the necessity of what is needed for Kannada language?
Is it that you are purposefully forgetting this or you are (a few, I guess) trying to protect some people behind this ugly drama of KSD.
Let me summarise what I have understood about KSD in this forum.
There was some development of Kannada software going on and there were roughly 30 software development firms and they had done a good job. Their intention was to give good software for Kannada and create a good market for Kannada software ( I don’t know if they were for FREE software).
Then enters some people who took help from some of these developers and float an organization(?) called Ka. Ga. Pa. in the name of developing a standard compliant s/w for Kannada.
It is claimed that they copied the fonts developed by one of those 30 firms, that to from another person who might have wanted to kill these people’s business by stealing fonts and writing a piece of software which runs only on Windows but does not serve any purpose beyond DTP, but distributes it as a shareware (not a FREE software, because there was no source code distribution with the s/w) .
Interestingly Both these people (Baraha and Nudi by Ka.Ga.Pa) keep their source code secret but try to get all the facilities from the government by recommending some standards which the Nudi is yet to conform to. It is also claimed that there was a nefarious nexus between
these two people Baraha people and Nudi people (may be colluded to kill the KSD in Karnataka, there by kill Kannada).
Let us see what these KGP people have done. They have given some sharewares like Winzip, Nudi, Nudi SDK, none with a source code. Have they done these things for the passion towards Kannada? If they were, why are they not involving more Kannadigas even when some are willing. They are never taking feedback from people. They lock themselves down in a room in the name of s/w development, cook some frankenstein and tell Kannadigas to use it. What purpose is served by this? None, I tell you. If we cannot become part of some exercise of which we all are part of, whom is that exercise been done? I mailed those people more than a week back, still I have not got any reply from them. So, what is going on in there? Are they develop ing Kannada? If there is no transparency, what the hell is it all about? Don’t these things seem to have some bearing with Kannada in its current state? Who has said that all of us should get converted to some foreign religion and become like them? Guys knowingly or unknowingly we are being misguided by some people, this time, it very well seems it is these very people I have mentioned above. By this they are only exposing to us that there is more it it than what meets the eye. What has been thrown out here in this forum seems only the tip of the iceberg. We need to dig deeper for more valuable info and work towards that.
Why have got to hear and see only the sad stories about Kannada in our own land? Is it only because the outsiders have come here only to destroy Kannada? It is only partly true, the other part is due to these inside people. If is never enough to have a hald baked affinity towards our language. We need to have total affection. That drives us.
The kind of Kannada discussion and action plan that is there presently seems like a deep shit. When people start a good discussion some bring in the religious issues to try to make it a point that some anti-xxx-religious conversions are going on here and bring in more people and keep telling them, see there is this anti-religious person and target him and tie him with your argument so that he does nothing useful, and by that our person who is the real culprit is saves his skin. What a tragedy! Some people do not understand this, but jump in to say they are dedicating their lives for the religion which is not even discussed here. I am trying to understand why people thought we are working against a religion or for another religion. These all seem like cooked stories just save some skins. Guys let us not stop this here, let us march ahead. Let us make some change and then we may rest. Surprisingly some come to appease us with Kannada reformer’s name. This sudden discovery should surprise us all. Have we not know them before this? Some more try to surprise us as if to know if we are “Culture conscious”. Guys, we all have imbibed a Kannada culture, knowingly or unknowingly. It is a tragedy that our own people are trying to cover up things only to see Kannada destruction. This is enraging. No surprise later if these very people try to broadcast that ‘hey see this guy, he is assuming that is the sole savior of Kannada’. That is pitying. We have to work collectively for a goal.


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